Top 5 Must-Have Eid Mubarak Furnishing

Eid Mubarak Furnishing
It’s that time of the year again when your checklist probably looks like this:

To-do list:
  • Baju Raya – Jakel is on sale! (go ASAP).
  • Tailor appointments – Must be quick or they will stop taking orders!
  • Decorations – find inspiration before the third week of Ramadan!

Be prepared before Eid starts so it won’t get chaotic when the big day arrives. Let us save you some time by giving you our checklist of MUST HAVE home furnishings for Hari Raya.Let’s dive in!
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A. Trolley

Besides catching with your cherished ones, food is also your focus. Trolleys have tons of purposes during Raya. It saves space and makes things easier for you.
  1. Put extra biskut Raya in it and push it. You don’t need to pass it over to the end of the table by hand.
  2. Get the snacks to different corners without having topic reach jar one by one.
  3. Put your dishes on the trolley from the kitchen and serve it on the main table.
  4. Use it to put the spare food when the table is full.
And when it is not Raya, you can use it for your daily tasks or just have it as a side table.

B. Lighting

Eid Mubarak Furnishing-02
Your light purchase will need to suit the room. How do you want the room to feel? What are the tasks carried out there? How much amount of light do you want to be in there?
  1. Switch from the 5000k white light to the 3000k, it is highly energy-efficient
  2. The color temperature influences the mood and ambiance.
  3. Warm white light for a cozy feeling, suitable for your bedroom or living room.
  4. Cool white light is best for a lively space such as offices and kitchens.
For Hari Raya, we encourage you to be bold! Try out colored bulbs. Remember the classic colored bulbs we used to have in our kampung? Why not bring it back?This will bring back childhood memories.

TIP: Check or unscrew the bulb and bring it to the local bulb store so they know what exactly will fit in the socket.

C. Fabrics

New curtains, news of a covers, new cushion cover, new tablecloth, and new carpet. EVERYTHING NEW FOR RAYA, are we right ladies and gentlemen?
  1. Silk material is for curtains, it gives a luxurious and sophisticated look.
  2. Organza or chiffon materials are for internal curtains or lampshades as it is lightweight and sturdy.
Choosing a good fabric gives you a more defined space. It adds character and complements the entire house’s interior.

D. Crockery

Eid Mubarak Furnishing-03
Matching crockery and cutlery will show your guest how much you put the effort into serving them good food. However, you can also impress them with your fine taste.

Malaysian crockery brands you should check out:
Check out their beautifully hand made bowls and plates on Instagram: @bendangstudio_official
Handmade homeware, crafted with love and varieties of choices. Check out their website.
Since1989,and eversince they have not stopped producing only the best flora and fauna inspired designs for dinnerware. Checkout their website.

E. House Plants

Eid Mubarak Furnishing-04
House plants are not just about bringing natural elements into your house It is also for your health. It lights up a room or we Malaysians call it ‘seri’,a touch of green to cheer up your Hari Raya.

Check out the best house plants suggestions for you in our previous blog.

Hari Raya should always be an enjoyable experience for everyone, every step taken in getting things done should also be nice and convenient to you.

We at Studio Pandan are wishing you the best in getting your Hari Raya checklist done, share this article with your family and friends so they too, can have a smooth journey accomplishing their to-do list!
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