EPISODE 2: Here’s The Best Five Beginner Indoor Plants – Minus The Headacheld either make or break your design.

In continuation from the previous post on starting the journey with a green finger, we are now focusing on 5 types of leafy indoor plants that are suitable for commercial and residential spaces. Plants are like humans in another form – different types have varying degrees of personalities, so even a brown thumb would be able to have a plant that suits him or her.

A beautiful plant is like having a friend around the house.

To ensure that the benefits of the plants are fully maximized, its needs would have to match that of your space of choice. Below are two important points that we would emphasize on;

1. Swiss Cheese Plant

Indoor Plant-01
First up, we have the delicious Swiss cheese… oh, my bad. I meant to say, the delectable Swiss cheese plant (Monstera deliciosa, M. deliciosa). See, even its scientific name has the beginnings of the word ‘delicious’ and I hope your stomach is not growling with hunger because of that. It’s named as such because the texture of the leaves bears resemblance to Swiss cheese with holes in them, for example the Gruyere or Emmenthal varieties.

The reason why it’s been included here is because of its ability to grow under the natural sunlight and artificial lights. It doesn’t necessarily need to be within reach to a window for its growth. Even though the plant is alright with the occasional missed watering, you should exercise caution and remember to regularly water the plant.

2. Snake Plant

Indoor Plant-02
Taking the spotlight at number two is the snake plant (Dracenatrifasciata), but don’t worry, there’s nothing snakey about this fellow. She’s so gentle that she’s a hot commodity for both an indoor decorative piece and an air purifier, which means that gone are the days of stocking up on fragrances and scented candles to refresh the air.

It’s one of the most commonly sought botanical verdure since it’s exceptionally easy to care for it – maybe even more effortless than keeping an eye out for the newest Fantastic Beasts movie. The plant doesn’t mind receiving little watering or sunlight for an extended period of time too.

3. ZZ Plant

Indoor Plant-03
Next up is the Zanzibar gem or the ZZ plant (Zamioculcaszamiifolia), depending on the term of your choice. Its naturally shiny leaves majestically bend over from the stem gives off the aura of a woman’s luscious long locks and the misassumption that it is not the real deal. Although it’s more noticeable in commercial areas due to its ease of care, that doesn’t mean it’s rare in private spaces for reasons that will be revealed shortly.

The ZZ plants prefer less attention and it love places where it is not directly exposed to the sun, but it is just as happy to be resting in areas with little artificial lights. As for the frequency of watering, the saying less is more applies here. The key to know when to water the plant lies with the texture of the soil – if it is dry to the point where it is rock solid, head for the watering pot immediately. If it is still wet, leave it alone because overwatering would equate to its watery death.

4. Devil's Ivy

Indoor Plant-04
If you don’t spend time to tender to the plant and trim its vines, you’ll find yourself with an overgrown, messy and tired-looking Pothos. As for its water needs, do so once a week or once in every fortnight, depending on how dry the soil is and how bright the indirect sun exposure is.

5.Cast Iron Plant

Indoor Plant-05
The grand show stopper on the last of the list is known as the Cast Iron plant (Aspidistra Elatior, A.elatior) and true to its name, it’s as hardy as a cast iron and able to better withstand slightly more torture than its botanical relatives. Its leaves may arch as it stands tall, but it also takes its own time to grow. You know, just like how humans are in terms of height growth.

Although the Cast Iron plant is a toughie, it’s also fragile in the sense that it can’t withstand direct sun due to its tendency of sustaining significant injuries. An example of this would be brown leaves, indicating that it has been ‘burned’. Water wise, like the ZZ plant, it is super sensitive to a soggy soil, but this can be remedied by checking the moisture of the soil. Furthermore, the Cast Iron plant also requires minimal cleaning as you’ll only need to wipe down the leaves with a sponge to prevent dust from staining the plant.

Now that all 5 plants have presented themselves to you, we hope that you’ll be further open to the idea of having indoor plants and in the next segment, we’ll explain more on listening to the plants. Watch the space guys!
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