The 5 basics of Interior Design in your Home

The 5 basics of Interior Design in your Home-01
In essence, interior design is as much an art as it is a science. Thus, making your space efficient and purposeful is equally important to upholding its aesthetic value. Following these simple steps can help you breeze through your home makeover process.
The 5 basics of Interior Design in your Home-02

#1 Function, function, function.

Your personal space must work seamlessly for you. Be it leisure with loved ones or working remotely from home, your environment needs to be a functional aspect to your daily routine. Planning your design project with functionality as the primary focus can ensure that the space is always utilized to maximum efficiency for many generations to come.

#2 Spatial Zoning

Once you’ve figured out your expectations and use for a space, configuring the layout and fittings becomes very systematic. You can now place mechanical structures and electrical outlets to fit your convenience. Keeping your space efficient by placing essential needs within arm’s reach can greatly increase productivity. As an added bonus, you may never have to sort a bunch of messy wires or look for better lighting, allowing you to work and play hassle-free.
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#3 Form

Typically, in terms of design form refers to the synchronicity among elements such as furniture and finishing in a space. Combining elements that work harmoniously with each other such as similar shapes or colour tones can induce warm and welcoming emotion. Highly contrasting elements in a room may induce a disengaging vibe. It is important to take the “form follows function” approach here to ensure that functionality is not compromised for the sake of aesthetic value.
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#4 Interior Styling

Once the form is set, you can finally begin to hunt for all the pretty little things you always wanted to show off at home. The availability of unlimited ornaments, furniture and fittings may lead you to overspend and make bad purchases. It is always best to keep it simple. When you find something you like, consider the space it consumes and how functional it is to you. Some items are gorgeous to look at, but if it serves no salient purpose, you might want to reconsider adding it to your collection

#5 Interior Storage System

The most beautiful of designs can become redundant if clutter is present everywhere. Clutter invokes unpleasant emotions and dissatisfaction with the self. Incorporating smart and efficient storage systems in your design will not only keep your place tidy and neat, but also reduces the time you spend cleaning and organizing. Studies in psychology suggest that a clean and organized space can improve the mental well being in individuals of all ages

# Revitalization (Bonus)

Us humans tend to tire from experiencing the same setting for long periods. Now you have a heavenly space, but it starts to feel rather mundane as time passes. Fret not, you can bring back the excitement with minor changes to the space. Focus on items you can acquire without overspending. Changing fabrics like curtains and pillow covers are a quick and easy way to revitalize a room. If you decide to add furniture or fittings, try and keep it as close as possible to the existing theme. This way you can make sure the room doesn’t just look chic, but functions flawlessly as well.

There you have it, 5 steps to creating the perfect space. Try these expert tips out and experience the benefits of a well-planned design. Share these tips with friends and family, and spread the joy of a beautiful, personalized space.

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