Interior Designer VS Interior Coordinator

Do you know that interior coordinator and interior design services are not the same? What services are you looking for? Let us help you to breakdown and explain the differences.
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Interior Designer (ID)
Interior Coordinator (IC)
Collaborating with homeowners to plan a viable solution based on what you need.
Working with homeowner’s idea of a solution instead.
Oversee the design plan from start to finish, including the project timelines. With that being said, the client would need to know how and what they would use the space for, I.e., whether it’s meant for a home office or a study room, before the ID can even make the first sketch.
Following the client’s design plans.
Visual Impact
Doing everything from scratch and visualizing how the solution would help the client’s issue at hand.
Working with homeowner’s idea of a solution instead.
Zoning Layout
Working together with clients to establish what areas need what kind of enhancement/rectification, but there are times when clients would prefer their choice lifestyle, to which the ID will follow.
Follow the client’s input.
Source the necessary and suitable within your budget for your space.
Would usually source the materials for your space too, but there are times when the clients are sure on what they require, i.e., they themselves are contractors.
Method of Installation
Working with the necessary parties to bring the visualized space into reality and resolving any unforeseen circumstances, if any, with them.
Although IC would be following the client’s proposed method of installation, there are times when it would cause the timeline to be delayed and the client to go over their budget since the site condition, existing tools and local materials, stock availability, schedule of labour, existing skillsets may not have been factored in.
Tender Contractor
Award the project to their in-house contractor.
Client has the choice to choose whichever contractor they so wish or allow the ID to decide on their behalf.
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Interior Designer & Coordinator
  • Both would create a schedule based on the visualized plan, presuming that the design has been already vetted and confirmed by the client themselves.
  • However, the caveat is that there are situations when it is all depending on the site location itself.
  • Notwithstanding any unforeseen circumstances, both the IC and ID would be ensuring that the project is completed within the given timeframe.
  • However, if there are last-minute revisions, then it would publish the completion date even further. To ensure that this does not occur, it is advisable for the client to confirm everything before they sign-off.
  • TIPS of reviewing Layout Plan: Think about how the project would resolve the issues at hand and affect your current lifestyle.
  • This is one of the most important parts of the projects because it would make or break the entire timeline.
  • While this is also dependent on the site situation, constant 3D sketches revision would also drive up the client’s cost and push the completion even further, so it is best that the client confirms everything during the sign-off process.
  • However, due to the fluctuating prices of the supplies and any unforeseen circumstances, the budget must factor up to 20 % for variation orders.)
If you are unsure that the services required are that of what an ID offers, please do not hesitate to contact Studio Pandan for further information.
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