PART 2 : 5 Questions to ask your Main Contractor

5 Questions to ask your Main Contractor

#1 What Is Your Workday Like? When Do You Take Lunches?

Knowing the Main Con’’s workday and their employees workday is something that’s very useful for a number of reasons. In addition to the above, you would want to ask:

  1. What are the approximate start and end times for construction day(s)?
  2. Do I need to remove any items that are in or near work areas?
  3. What will the noise and dust level be like?
  4. Do you need me to be home at any point during the day?
  5. Who can I call in case of an emergency?

#2 How Do You Handle Change Orders?

It’s critical that your contractor assures you that he won’t spend a penny over your agreed- upon budget without first gaining your approval — and if you hire him, this should also be specified in your contract.

#3 How Does Your Job Scheduling Work?

Most contractors do their own scheduling, but if the company is big enough, they may have an employee do it, and for this you want to ensure that you are well aware of this schedule and have a copy as well as be CC’d on all emails regarding schedule changes.

#4 Who Is Responsible For Any Mis-calculations?

This is important because it should fall under the responsibility of the person(s) who are taking said measurements.

#5 Do You Project Manage Your Own Projects Or Outsource?

This is important to know WHO will be there at the site managing everything.

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