Interview Dialogue with Syara Rossham, the Malaysian Handmade Coasters Maker

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Yagikaraloveyous is a creative space that is based in Malaysia. This small business run by Syara Rosham showcases handmade artwork, paintings, and punch needle coasters. She peels her eyes for beautiful abstract and exquisite color tones, by combining the two elements she works it out with her love and passion that was granted by her mother and grandmother. Each of the design produced is thought through and exclusive, what you get will belong to only you, no one else has something similar, the sincerity she pours into her work make the outcome something you could adore for years.
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#1. What was your first job ever?

I have never been employed, but I was once a freelance copywriter, proofreader, translator, and assignment checker. I did that for a couple of months, I promoted my service on the internet and learned a lot of amazing new knowledge.

#2 Tell us about your journey into the art industry; when did you realize that you could turn your love for art into a career?

I was born in a family that appreciates art, my grandmother and my mother were once a tailor, their hands were gifted to sew immaculate dresses, baju kurung, and gowns. My mom loves embroidery, she creates so many beautiful pieces to be collected. Hence, when I think about it, I am sure I was born with the same gift and passion as them. During the pandemic, Yagikaralovesyou was born, I found out about punch needles and went straight into creating punch needle coasters for myself, I allocate so much time improving and learning new techniques as a way to fill in my free time. However, when my family and friends started noticing how much of a capability my skills could achieve they encouraged me to share the precious creations with people, I was so motivated and I started producing for Yagikaralovesyou. I really love what I am doing and the support I receive has been tremendous, with God’s will, I would really love to expand this brand, Yagikaralovesyou.

#3 If you could go back in time and give your young artist self-one piece of advice, what would it be?

To the young Syara, I wish you would have the courage to always stand with what you treasure. Do not stress about what is not happening yet.

I am a person who likes to think ahead, everything must be planned and organized. But there are things that I have no power over, what I bring is the best and the rest I leave to my effort. For an instance, when I was getting all my tools ready to create and release the coasters, a thought crossed my mind out of the blue, “will ever make it happen?”, “would people love this?”.

Those thoughts did not put me down, as I told myself, I am just going to do what is best for myself, eventually, people will appreciate and like it, and it all will turn out to be just fine. In the process, I put my trust in.

#4 Where do you find the most inspiration for your work?

My magical childhood is the life phase that I gained the most inspiration from. Growing up with two amazing women, my mom, and grandmother were always designing and making those pretty clothes for me and my twin sister. The abstract; pretty flowers, materials, and silhouette of those clothes have been and will always be the contributor to my ideas. I always look up to them and they have left a big impact on me as an artist. My passion and knowledge come from the very respected people who spoiled me with their creations.
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#5 What does your creative process look like?

I rely on my creative visuals, I first start by observing the colors of the yarns, then I create a vision to mix and match the colors. Each of the visions provides me with the theme for each release, if I see a pastel color, I would match it with blue, pink, green, or anything that complements it, it will always turn out to be soft and soothing to look at. But for the bold colors, I would go for bright orange or purple, or red to make such a strong statement piece. The color of the yarns is the kickstart to the process, I will then move all the visions into the drawing that I do on top of the floss and I would just follow through with my punch needles and selected yarns!
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#6 What was the most significant design or business challenge that you have encountered and grown from?

When I first started I had only 100 followers, seeing other big sellers and artists intimidates me. I was so worried about my design being copied and left me with no credits or recognition. I know I was not the only one in the scene, but I hoped my design would stand on its own stage. But the worries went away when I strategized the plan and received overwhelming support. During my first release, I managed to sell all 6 designs in 24 hours, the same thing happened when I release another 3 designs, it was all sold out. I felt all the support and it burns the spirit in my heart. I also make sure the product posts are well edited with the Yagikaralovesyou logo. While creating an identity for my business, I focus on copywriting, although I am still new, believe in my integrity, passion, and talent, above it all, I trust my very own self.

#7 What has been your biggest achievement? When was the last time you thought, “wow, I can’t believe I just accomplished that!”

There was a day when I had a customer who reached out to me from Brunei, she was keen and interested in my designs. I was really hesitant at first as I was very new to the field and I was not prepared with the procedure of international shipping, I expressed my concern, but she was really gentle about it, she said it is fine I could just send it to her friend who lives in Malaysia and her friend will handle the shipping for her. Knowing that the postage price would be much more expensive than my product made me think, how there are people outside of this country that would make such an effort just to enjoy what I create, she appreciated it so much. I also started using other social media other than Instagram. Tiktok had helped me to reach a bigger audience, not just locally but internationally, when I view the statistics, there are actually people from the UK, Thailand, and the US that watched the video I filmed specifically to share the passion and art. It makes me ecstatic and grateful.

#8 Which upcoming project or endeavour are you most excited for?

For the upcoming Hari Raya, next year. Yagikaralovesyou will have packet raya or sampul raya in store!

I will be having 4 to 5 designs in each packet or I could sell it individually depending on the demand and preferences of the customer. I am in the process to work with the right supplier and working on more designs. There is so much planning to do, but it will be out there, I cannot wait for people to enjoy it!.

We believe people with great hopes and dreams will always achieve what they are aiming for, like artist Syara Rosham. She works tirelessly, she deserves all the support and appreciation. Check out @yagikaralovesyou on Instagram!

Studio Pandan is excited to see more and more artists and creators being recognized, if you have a suggestion let us know who else we should interview in the comment down below!

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