How to Make Your Kitchen More Efficient

How to Make Your Kitchen More Efficient-03
When was the last time you had to search your wine bottle opener and made everyone waited for you? Or do you find the kitchen workflow isn’t right, but you do not know where to start?
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A. My tip no 1 is to de-clutter the worktop and pantry. Less stuff, less stress. It’s not only the physical space that you free up to prep your time-savers, but also the mental space because physical clutter can be mentally draining, by taking that away can make all the difference. If you have limited space, try asking, ‘’ Do you need to use the blender every day?’’ Is it still safe to consume? How can I group this to make it more functional and eye-pleasing? With a clear space comes with a clear mind, get rid of the clutter and enjoy your culinary experience with the people who matter.

B. Tip no 2 is to have an organised storage system. A good storage system not only requires low maintenance to look presentable, but also prevents wastage and reduces time to spend cleaning and organizing. And this is my personal favourite part: it helps to boost your self-confidence. It is the feeling of being empowered when they are thought out intentionally and systematically creates a hidden beneficial advantage to your health and relationships.

C. My last tip to make your kitchen more efficient is to place an absorbent kitchen floor mat at the basin area. Not only this prevents slips and falls. This could also avoid dirty footprints and hence, reducing the number of mopping the floor 😉
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There you go, my 3 top tips on how to make your kitchen more efficient. Try it out and let us know how it helps to improve the workflow of the kitchen. For more information on storage organizing solutions, contact us at Get in Touch – Studio Pandan. Happy Wednesday 😀

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