How to Avoid Renovation Mistakes

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Do you feel insecure when you are about to pay a sum of money and not sure what it will turn out to be? Or you want to reduce and eliminate mistakes as much as possible?
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A. Mistake no 1. that is commonly found in renovation is not having a contractor or a professional to do site measurement before ordering built-ins or customised fittings. It is important to have a pair of trained eyes to do the measurements because they would know which critical dimensions that they needed using their instruments and how they are taken to achieve an accurate number. With those, they would have a different set of calculations in ordering the materials as well as doing some alterations to the fittings subject to site conditions.
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B. Mistake no 2 that is commonly found in a renovation site is that not spending that extra 15 minutes on prepping the floor and wall surfaces with canvas sheets that can save an hour worth of cleaning stubborn stains. And you do not need 1 but 2 layers of canvas to do its job. Ensure that the perimeter is secured with a good quality masking tape otherwise the canvas sheets could form layers of fold and one might slip over it.

C. Mistakes no 3. in a renovation work is not allocating additional days for site work. Why? Contractor may say, my workers are on MC, will not be able to work today. Delay a day’s work. Or ‘’Ah Moi, hari ni tak pi kerja, tayar lori pancit.’’ There goes another day deferred. So, here is a tip. If contractor says he will take 7 days to complete, high chances is, the team will take between 8-21 days to complete the project.

So, there you go, these are the 3 common mistakes in renovation work. If you are in need of assistance in your interior renovation, reach us at Get in Touch – Studio Pandan. Let us help create and showcase your story 😉 Contact us for a free consultation. Follow us on IG @studio_pandan Till then, I see you next blog 🙂

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