5 Ways to Elevate your Diwali Interior Decoration

The Festival of Lights is around the corner, preparations are in full swing and the blessings are on its way. Getting your house ready to welcome guests with warmth is compulsory. With very little planning and just by following these guides you will be able to bring your Deepavali decorations to a new level. 

Another Diwali, another new sight! Let’s try:

A New Coat of Exquisite Paint

According to Jill Connor in her blog “This Old House”, “Color is used to help define interiors and create focal points in relatively featureless rooms. The trick, of course, is figuring out how to pick paint colors to use and where to put them.


Consider a new color for your walls and furniture to let your guests enjoy a fresh atmosphere. Plain color that matches well with your interior would make a huge difference or try out the textured wall paint for the added characters and details to your space.


  • Pick the new color based on objects or arts in your house; throw pillows or rangoli. This allows you to have a statement piece in your space.
  • To not let the furniture overshadow the background (photo frames, heirloom pieces such as vinyl records, or piano) opt for a neutral color. The center focus would be on the precious objects and the furniture would complement it well.

Few tips to play around with paints:

  • If you have a furbaby that loves to scratch – prime the legs of your furniture multiple times.
  • Choose the color based on how you want the room to feel cool colors for the soothing effect and warm colors to liven up a space.
  • Do not rush when choosing the perfect colors.

Add Photo Frames

“Aw sayang, you still have this photo of us?”

Imagine the conversations that could be started with your loved ones by just having photos hanging or put around the living area. Photo frames take you through memory lane and it could also add aesthetic appeal to your house. 


There are wooden frames, metallic frames, or digital photo frames. Consider how these materials would help you make the space around it look nice. 


Try out frames with patterns to create a bold look and basic shape for a more subtle effect. Gallery walls are also a good idea to make your house looks sophisticated.

Incorporate Mirrors

We always recommend going for the largest mirror you can afford to make the most of every ray of light from your mirror’s reflection”
– Lucy St George 


A mirror is an all-around amazing design feature, it gives the space interest while increasing the lights and magnifying the sense of space. Make the narrow area in your house look spacier. A large artwork or a lot of photo frames might overpower the room but a large mirror will be sure to make a room feel bigger and brighter.

Check out these mirrors:

  • Peranakan antique mirror
  • Rattan mirror
  • Anglo carved Indian mirror
  • A simple long stand mirror

These mirrors would also be great to be put near the entrance of your house so the guests could touch up their appearances before heading out.

New Arrangements of Furniture

You love the house you are living in, but after some time, you feel jaded looking at the same thing every Diwali. Try rearranging your furniture! Usually, it takes a complex way for an interior designer to do it, floor planning, drawings, and all to get the best result.

Do it yourself, here's how:

  • Read our designs with purpose – the importance of spatial relationships.
Use the information to visualize how a certain space could be used to its best and ponder upon how you can optimize the practicality in the space.
  • Empty out the room
Leave the pieces that are decided to stay, it should be purposeful, the rest of the small stuff should be removed.
  • Work on one focal point
After seeing how the room looks without the other things, you can now choose one corner of the room that could be used to imagine visuals. A large window or an accent wall would do. From that, you can start arranging how you want it to complement each other.
  • Start the new layout
Put back the furniture taken out and arrange according to the new plan. New arrangements, with improved space functionality.

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