5 Top Tips in a Good Kitchen Design

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Whether you are a Masterchef or only ever need a kettle, the kitchen plays a vital role in a house. So here are five tips on how your kitchen can be perfectly functional and aesthetic at the same time.

What will you be doing in your kitchen?

If you have intentions to cook frequently, the design would significantly differ from a house that isn’t for cooking. This would affect the fittings, material applications and spatial zonings. When thinking about this, make sure you make long-term plans too (just because you don’t like or don’t intend to cook now, doesn’t mean you or your future partner wouldn’t). Here are some reflective questions to guide your thoughts:

  • Will I be doing heavy duty or simple cooking?
  • What is my preferred cooking style (frying, steaming, baking etc)?
  • How often do I want to cook?

#1 The Kitchen Triangle

A simple way to visualise your ideal kitchen is to draw inspiration from The Kitchen Triangle.
Source:What Is The Kitchen Work Triangle?

Whatever and wherever your preferred workstations are, this triangle trick is versatile enough to fit into any kitchen sizes.

#2. Safety

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As tempting as it is to buy fancy or pretty appliances, you should always think of safety first! When thinking of your kitchen layout, installing cabinets or buying kitchenware, make sure you can move around your kitchen safely.

Here are some examples:

  • Lighting: ensuring that the light above your worktop is IP20 approved.
  • Rugs: keep your fluffy rugs in the living room and ensure the ones in the kitchen area absorbent (because wet surfaces are a dangerous slipping hazard).
  • Power points: when designing your kitchen, make sure the power points are at safe (and preferably dryer areas) and adopt the habit of turning of your plugs when appliances are not in use.

#3 Materials

There’s usually a lot happening in a kitchen: heat, cold, boiling, burning, spice, smoke, flames and so much more. It’s important to use materials that are sustainable and that would be able to withstand these different conditions.

Here are some tips:

  • Backsplash: not only does this keep the kitchen clean, you can also explore fun patterns to make the space more lively
  • Countertops: definitely needs to be a material that can withstand heat. Here is a list of possible materials, such as Quartz and Marble, and their pros and cons.
  • Flooring: an anti-slip and non-porous material is key to a safe kitchen. In fact, you don’t have to limit yourself to typical indoor tiles but can also consider outdoor tiles as an option.

#4 Ventilation

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You don’t want your kitchen to smell like fermenting beans. Nor do you want the fumes of your burnt sausage to fill your living room. Which is why ventilation is importantin promoting a good flow of air in and out of the kitchen. As such, consider installing a vent or exhaust hood (and cleaning the filter often)!

#5 Lighting

Good Kitchen Design-05
Lighting, yupp. Not only it is part of the safety measures in the kitchen, but it sets the mood and ambience in the entire lot especially those are attached to living areas.

With these 5 tips, you can now design your own beautifully functional kitchen. If you need more tips or a professional’s eye, hit us up at Studio Pandan.
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