5 Tips in Taking Home Interior Photography Like a Pro

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Pics, or it didn’t happen! If you’ve spent hours doing up your home, it’s only right to take good photos of it and to show it off. Here are 5 tips to take gorgeous photos of your interior design ( Psstt, no prior photography experience needed ).
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#1. Use Natural Sunlight

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Capture photos (or set up your camera) nearing windows and on a sunny day. This allows your space to look warm, comfortable and homey. If you’re caught with a cloudy day, fret not, clouds can act as a useful soft box to remove harsh shadows and to give your photos a cozy feeling.

If you have more advanced camera settings, you can also explore different aperture and white balance settings to give it the right tone. If not, even a simple phone camera can do the trick, as long as you’re maximizing your window.

#2. Play Around With Depth

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In photography, the foreground, middle-ground and background have a huge impact on the final outcome. If you want your space to give off a nice 3-dimensional effect, you need to include more elements or props, but at different angles and locations. For example, if you’re photographing a sofa, you might need a painting in the background and some pillows at the middle ground to create some depth.

#3. Identify The Trademark

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Similar to thinking through your fore, middle and backgrounds, a tip is to also identify what should be the “big” and unique thing you are looking toe. For example, if your main focal point is a bright and colourful vase, you can complement it with flowers of the same shade rather than bright and colourful vases as well.

Be it through colours or composition, identify the one trademark in each photo and make it stand out from the rest.

TIP: You want your space to look nice and clean, so make sure you wipe off all those fingerprints and stains from your glass surfaces. Remove unnecessary clutter as well so the area looks spacious and comfortable.

#4. Imagine a grid

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The perspective in photos is key in crafting the narrative of your story. Depending on the space or furniture you’d want to highlight, you would capture it using different perspectives. To showcase rooms, the most common one is the linear perspective. While using the linear perspective, make sure to imagine a grid and ensure that furniture is lined up parallel to your “grid” lines.

This is so that the photos appear to be on eye-level and straight.

TIP: If you want to make a room look bigger (or smaller) than it actually is, you can skew the angle based on this imaginary grid too. For example, using corners or simply flipping your phone upside down (which elongates the frame).

#5. Widen Your Frame

home interior photography-07
If you have different camera gears to explore with, try a wider frame to make the space look bigger. Alternatively, you can try shooting a panorama with your phone camera. With this, you can either create a long flat photo to show-off the length of the space, or round-off the corners to show how or where the rooms merge.

With these 5 tips in mind, you can now show off your space.

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