Part 1: 5 Questions To Ask Your Main Contractor

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Unsure of which contractor to award after comparing few quotations from them? Here are some handy tips:

#1 How Long Have You Been In Business?

With Main Con (MC), you want to ensure they are not new at what they are doing. You want to make sure they have many years of experience. Afterall, they are working with structural components and ensuring your safety is a priority.

Do research on Main Con. Ask for their past client information and give their client a call. Google their license number and just try to find as much information you can.

#2 How Many Projects Do You Take At Once?

This is rather large issue as your MC maybe running few projects in one go. What is wrong with that? Often where MC may pull workforce from your project to go work on another. This cause delays, and confusion on communication otherwise this is voiced from the start, it may cause some serious delays on the renovation.

#3 What Is The Timeline For The Completion?

This seems like a no-brainer, but setting this expectation before the project begins is really important so that you know what is happening and when.

#4 How Will You Clean Up At The End Of The Day?

This is really important question because it is related to safety. If you have children or elderly around especially, you want to ensure MC is not leaving sharp objects , rubbish and tools laying around. This is a big safety concern and you want to ensure they will pack and clean to keep the family safe.

#5 How Often Do You Finish Projects On Time?

Companies that complete projects on time and stay in the budget they need to be seen as an expert in their field. They have a reputation of being reliable, which is not something many companies can boast. Surely, bear in mind there are things that happen that cause delays that are out of hand of the pro.
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