10 Smart Ways to Keep the Heat Out

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As Malaysians, we’re all used to the hot and humid weather that hangs out in our houses all day, every day. To get rid of our hot friend, we turn to our favourite appliance: the air conditioner. However, there are many other ways to keep your spaces cool and serene.
  1. 1. Keep your doors and windows open. Don’t worry about trying to hide your huge pile of clothes, just open those doors up! Having an opening at the front as well as the back of your house promotes ventilation, allowing regular wind flow and keeping your rooms windy.
  2. Adopt some plants. It’s simple: They produce oxygen, which naturally brings the temperature down
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  1. Choose the right outdoor paint. The coating system and colour you choose for your outdoor walls and roof makes a huge difference. Consult your local paint experts and explore heat-reflective options that blocks out heat.
  2. Choose the right indoor paint. If you like warm tones, do be mindful that they give off an illusion of heat. Instead, you can either opt for a neutral tone or even explore dark shades (which retains cool air better).
  3. Tint your windows. Not only does this provide more privacy, it also keeps the sun rays out. This can also be a quick and easy DIY activities for your existing windows. Just search “window tints” and multiple options will pop up:
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  1. Install marble flooring. Marble is dense, hard and incredibly durable. A fun fact about marbles is that it actually stays at the same temperature of the room, however, our bodies get warm. Since marble takes a huge sum of energy in order to feel warm, the difference between our bodies and the air temperature then makes the marble feel extra cold.
  2. Bring in some woody elements. Wood are good insulators (which is good for both retaining heat and coolness) and adds a natural and rustic touch to your house! Here is an example inspired by peranakan interiors:
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IF it’s truly unbearable hot, you can of course rely on various electronics.
    1. Install exhaust fans. The right size, shape and setting varies according to the room you’re installing it in. For example, it can either be mounted on the wall, roof or in a duct; the right setting depends on the size and function of your space. For example:
      • Wall mount ones are typically used in kitchens 
      • Ceiling mount ones are often used in rooms or common areas 

 As such, reach out to an interior designer or do thorough research before deciding.


  1. Get an air purifier. This doesn’t necessarily keep a room cold but it does promote air circulation.
  2. Keep it cold with an air conditional. If all else fails and you really love the cold, then go for an air conditioner. Technology has advanced and provided opportunities to be more sustainable through eco conditioners, so make sure to lookout for greener options when shopping for a unit!

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