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Studio Pandan was created with the dream of crafting Malaysian Minimalism as its own individual style in the interior design world. Malaysia has a rich history of artisan and handmade crafts with a beautiful selection of natural materials that is often overlooked. We hope to offer a uniquely local touch to your interiors and create tranquil living spaces that are peaceful to come home to.

Home decoration and interior renovation are the key services we offer with a focus on sustainable materials. Our expertise in home repairs and maintenance will also improve your living spaces.

We feel a great responsibility to keeping wastage to a minimum and embrace sustainable design practices. We hope to be the change Malaysia needs in its efforts to be a greener nation.

We design for you not just a pretty space but also one that fulfils your every functional and practical lifestyle need.
The outcome? An easy-to-maintain space that improves your productivity and long-term well-being.
At present, our Interior Design services focus on Condominiums only. Any comments or suggestions are welcome. I’d love to hear from you!


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Studio Pandan has won
Best ESG / SDG &
Best High-Rise of Shanghai

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